vCISO+ (Virtual CISO)

vCISO+ (Virtual CISO)

When you partner with Defensible, you are bringing in a vCISO with the technical expertise, business experience, cybersecurity acumen, and risk-based analysis skills to secure your data and organization for the long term.

Defensible vCISO Services integrate seamlessly with your processes and goals to improve your overall security posture. Our executives emphasize active listening — which speeds up their integration with your business — and prioritize simple, actionable reporting and explanation to bridge the gap between security advice and security action. Defensible vCISOs are armed with a customizable library of policy templates and program plans that have been field-tested as proven, practical, and effective.

The more closely aligned a CISO is with key executives, strategy, and initiatives in the business, the more effective a cybersecurity program has the potential to be.  Defensible vCISOs are typically viewed as trusted advisors to an organization's leadership, ownership, and boards of directors, as well as management and staff.

Policy and Standards

Comprehensive policies and program standards are crucial to an effective cybersecurity program, but best practices for these policies are continuously evolving. Defensible vCISOs have the experience and knowledge to create custom policy and program plans that align with industry and regulatory standards. 

An experienced female vCISO reviewing cybersecurity policies and standards on two computer monitors

Incident Response Plan and Tabletop Exercises

Information security incidents can arise suddenly and without warning. That’s why it’s crucial to establish incident protocols and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your team’s responses. Our vCISOs will craft comprehensive incident response plans and facilitate tabletop exercises to protect you from cyber threats.

A young woman sitting at a desk with a laptop and working on creating an incident response plan on a handheld tablet

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Defensible’s experienced team of vCISO professionals has led organizations through numerous complex security attacks and understands what it takes to get an organization running again after an incident. We’ll develop custom business continuity and disaster recovery plans to ensure quick and efficient recovery.

A Male virtual CISO pointing to lines of code on a computer monitor while collaborating with a female colleague

Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is a cornerstone of good cybersecurity hygiene and can empower your organization’s users to contribute to security efforts in a meaningful way. These training sessions will equip your team with information to identify, report, and avoid potential security risks. 

A young female cybersecurity professional pointing to a board of data during a security awareness training session

Security Roadmap and Budget Planning

Prioritizing security programs needs and navigating the associated expenses can be challenging for any organization. Our vCISOs can guide you through the creation of a risk-based security roadmap and recommend tools and services to fit your goals and budget. 

A diverse group of cybersecurity professionals sitting in a glass conference room to review program budgets

Security Program Governance and Reporting

Successful security program governance relies on quality reporting to assess program effectiveness, return on investment, and progress in achieving program goals. A vCISO will take the lead on your governance and reporting efforts by identifying industry KPIs, analyzing program data, and providing actionable insights for cybersecurity improvements.

A young woman working a computer with dual monitors in a high tech IT office