Red Team as a Service

Identify critical assets and applications that are at risk by putting your security controls to the test against the latest adversarial techniques.

Defensible Red Team-as-a-Service (RTaaS) provides the ability to launch safe, multi-stage attacks, including network attacks, application attacks, and social engineering attacks, to identify breach and attack paths in your existing defenses. Our experts work with you to create a strategic scope tailored to your IT environment and attack surface.

Attack Surface Discovery

Don’t let any of your assets go unchecked. Identify, secure, and manage all of your assets — even old and long-forgotten programs and applications — with Defensible’s external Attack Surface Discovery services.

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Automated Vulnerability Exploitation

Uncover more vulnerabilities and potential exploits faster through automated and targeted attacks. Automated Vulnerability Exploitation can save your team valuable time and resources, while giving you the insights you need to improve your security posture.

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Continuous Attack Surface Monitoring

Your attack surface is always growing and changing. So should your approach to managing it. Create resiliency and stay up to date on potential new risks and threats through Continuous Attack Surface Monitoring with Defensible. 

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