Penetration Testing

Test your external and internet-facing attack surface and internal network controls with Defensible’s Penetration Testing service.

Penetration testing reveals how well your defenses stack up against the latest threats, helping you build a security strategy that prioritizes your risks. Our Penetration Testing services are tailored to your organization’s unique environment and needs, from internal and external penetration tests to web, mobile, and application-specific penetration testing.

External Penetration Tests

External penetration tests support the management of your internet-facing attack surface through controlled, targeted attacks on your network’s perimeter. Understanding the vulnerabilities that exist outside of your internal programs lets you identify the most pressing risk and effectively utilize your security resources.

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Internal Penetration Tests

Get ahead of insider threats and uncover vulnerabilities in your network with internal penetration testing. These penetration tests can also provide insights into unseen risks that may be present in your internal controls and user access protocols.

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Web & Mobile Application Penetration Tests

Cyber attackers are targeting web and mobile apps with much greater frequency. Performing regular penetration tests not only improves the overall security of your APIs, web apps, and software, but also improves user experience and trust, knowing that their data is protected. 

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