Managed Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a security program strategy, implemented and managed by Defensible with carefully selected technologies to enforce identity-based access rules, multi-factor authentication (MFA), traffic encryption, device security posture checks, SaaS application access, monitoring, and more.

We only partner with, and utilize technology that we believe is truly defensible, so you can rest assured that your program strategy is supported by proven and effective solutions.

Identity Management

Defensible’s Zero Trust Identity Management integrates with your organization’s identity provider to apply secure gateway policies. Through Defensible, you can integrate multiple identity providers simultaneously if you work with partners, contractors, or other organizations to enact ultimate security protocols.

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Our secure access service edge (SASE) and cloud access security broker (CASB) zero trust services create comprehensive visibility and control over apps, so you can easily prevent data leaks and compliance violations. Managed Zero Trust with Defensible means blocking insider threats, Shadow IT, risky data sharing, and bad actors with full clarity into what’s happening on the network.

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