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Defensible’s team has ample experience creating cybersecurity solutions that are thoughtfully designed to address the industry-specific challenges and requirements of our partners working in a variety of fields.

Our knowledge base better positions us over our competitors to more rapidly and effectively deploy solutions that address short- and long-term cyber threats. And our industry-specific experience enhances our ability to deliver on our core values, including:

  • Getting it right
  • Keeping it simple
  • Delivering on actionable value

Now more than ever, a greater number of organizations across a wider variety of industries are targets of cyber attacks. Partner with a cybersecurity solutions provider who has the prerequisite experience to create comprehensive, industry-specific security.

Industries We Served

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Partnering with law firms to provide necessary cybersecurity that safeguards their sensitive data and ensures uninterrupted business operations.

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Higher Education

Equipping colleges and universities with intelligent cybersecurity solutions that protect student and administrative data from cyber attacks.

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Offering nonprofits dedicated vCISOs and flexible cybersecurity solutions that shield sensitive data and ensure uninterrupted business continuity.

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Working with banks to provide robust cybersecurity resources, including vCISOs, to guard data, as well as attain and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Helping organizations to better manage sensitive patient data, comply with HIPAA regulations and operate without interruptions from cyber attacks.

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Technology & SaaS

Empowering tech companies to meet their client's security needs, including SOC2 compliance, as well as grow and scale their operations without widening exposure to debilitating cyber attacks.

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Critical Infrastructure

Supporting infrastructure with experts and cybersecurity solutions that protect data and ensure safe, uninterrupted service from cyber threats.

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Serving federal institutions with unrivaled vCISOs and cybersecurity to guard against escalating cyber threats and function without interruption.

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