Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Examine cybersecurity risk in a holistic manner and in alignment with your business objectives.

Defensible examines security risk from two perspectives; outside-in and inside-out. We pair security tools with interviews of key business and technical stakeholders to identify gaps in your approach to cybersecurity risk management. Our strategic approach to risk assessments not only uncover risk, but also helps prioritize them to get the maximum value out of your cybersecurity efforts and investments.

Outside-In View of Risk

We view your organization’s risk from an external perspective to help you understand how an attacker sees your level of risk. Utilizing the best security tools and risk measurement systems, Defensible identifies cyber risk management gaps from the outside in.

A young woman with glasses reviews code and cybersecurity risk data on a virtual screen display

Inside-Out View of Risk

An external view of risk is not enough on its own — it needs to be paired with an internal perspective to ensure all gaps are filled. We interview key stakeholders from both the business and technical sides to identify and resolve cyber risk management issues from the inside out.

A group of men and women in a modern glass conference room discussing a cybersecurity risk assessment

Our Risk Assessment Methodology

A flow chart depicting Defensible Technology's outside-in and inside-out approach to risk management