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Defensible Technology


About Us

Defensible Technology helps organizations protect information, trade secrets, intellectual property, and confidential communications from cybersecurity threats.

By providing technology solutions, information security consulting and data privacy services that are defensible to customers, suppliers, business partners, and regulators, we enable our clients to reduce their dependence on luck as a means to managing security risk.

Core Values

Defensible Technology consultants are critical thinkers and problem solvers who combine technical expertise and risk-based analysis to deliver solutions that enable our clients to focus on building and sustaining their competitive advantage. 

  • Focus On Risk

  • Get It Right

  • Keep It Simple

  • Listen Actively

  • Deliver Actionable Value

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Our Services

For 20+ years, businesses have dramatically increased cyber security spending, yet data breaches, information loss, and service disruptions are still occurring at a growing and alarming rate.

CISO’s, business leaders, and board of directors are demanding new approaches rooted in risk-based analysis.

Our services protect organizations’ information with a rigorous focus on risk and root cause, in a simple and cost-effective manner.

CxO Advisory Services

Our CxO Advisory Services provide immediate access to a virtual CISO, CIO, or CTO and a team of experts who can hit the ground running and guide organizations through strategic initiatives.

Cyber Security Services

Evaluate your organization’s ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber security threats with Defensible Technology’s Cyber Security Services.

Managed Cloud Services

From implementation to support, our team provides the configuration and administration services that are required to build and maintain a secure cloud infrastructure.


Benefits of Our Services

Holistic Approach

We first understand your business and operations in order contextualize cyber security risk and controls.

Rigorous Analysis

Our teams analyze the spectrum of threat scenarios and attack vectors that potentially lead to the compromise of critical information assets.

"In The Trenches" 

Leadership & Experience

Our team has decades of experience in responding to and remediating data breaches, as well as proactively managing risk as leaders of internal IT and Security operations.

Solutions that Increase Attacker Costs

We architect and implement technology, policies, and business processes that raise costs to attackers and enable cost-effective risk management.

Actionable Remediation


We don’t provide deliverables or reports that are designed to sit on the shelf or in email inboxes.  Our recommendations and deliverables are actionable, measurable, and function as tools for reducing risk.

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NEW YORK, NY 10005

TEL: 646-949-4980  |  INFO@DEFENSIBLE.TECH

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